New Clothing Production Facilities to Be Established in Moscow's North-Eastern Districts

2024-07-03 // SuperPodium
Moscow's North-Eastern Administrative District (SEAD) will see the creation of two new clothing production facilities as part of a city program. The Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Planning and Construction, Vladimir Yefimov, announced that agreements have already been signed with investors for the lease of land plots in the Southern Medvedkovo and Otradnoye districts (SEAD) to construct the facilities. The total area of the projects will amount to nearly 20,000 square meters, resulting in the creation of 650 jobs. The combined investment is estimated to exceed 1.5 billion rubles.

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Planning and Construction, Vladimir Yefimov, has revealed plans to establish two new clothing production facilities in the Southern Medvedkovo and Otradnoye districts of the city's North-Eastern Administrative District (SEAD). These facilities are part of a program aimed at implementing large-scale investment projects (MaIP).

Yefimov stated that agreements for the lease of land plots, totaling nearly 2 hectares, have already been made with investors at a preferential rate of one ruble per year. The construction of the facilities will result in a total area of nearly 20,000 square meters. Additionally, the project will create 650 job opportunities and attract investments of over 1.5 billion rubles.

Implementation of the Program

The announcement by Yefimov highlights the city's commitment to promoting local production and economic development. The establishment of these clothing production facilities will contribute to the growth of the fashion industry in the SEAD, providing employment opportunities for residents and boosting the local economy.

The program aims to attract investments and stimulate the development of various sectors, including manufacturing, thereby diversifying the district's economy. By creating specialized production facilities, the city hopes to foster innovation and increase the competitiveness of the local fashion industry.

Job Creation and Investments

The establishment of these two clothing production facilities will result in the creation of 650 jobs, providing opportunities for local residents and contributing to a reduction in unemployment rates in the SEAD. Moreover, the combined investment of over 1.5 billion rubles demonstrates the confidence of investors in the city's economic potential and the attractiveness of the SEAD as a business location.


The creation of clothing production facilities in Moscow's North-Eastern Administrative District is a significant step towards the implementation of the city's program to promote local production and economic development. These facilities will not only create job opportunities but also attract investments, stimulate innovation, and enhance the competitiveness of the local fashion industry. This initiative reflects the city's commitment to fostering growth and ensuring a sustainable future for the SEAD and its residents.

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